The Staff

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Executive Chef & Co-Owner Renato Ferrante

With chef Renato Ferrante at the controls, nothing is left to chance. Being both the head chef and an owner, DaVinci’s guests are his main priority and the restaurant his second home.

The Expert Culinary Team

Trained locally and internationally the culinary team comes together with excellence every time. Working hand in hand to prepare the best Italian dishes in downtown Montreal, the team doesn’t stop until all the clients have gone home with a smile.

Kitchen Work Flow

With a strong team and a warm staff DaVinci has the fine dining experience perfected. Having fun at work and after work is all part of being DaVinci’s family. This helps to provide the best possible experience for the guests and allowing them to be at ease for their entire visit.

Il personale, La Famiglia

All in all the staff are more like a family, which makes timely co-ordination and bringing together an excellent service a natural task. Working together from morning to night, the staff are a key part to DaVinci turning out the way it has. With the best people doing the right jobs, DaVinci has your dining experience covered without a doubt.